Getting Help

We really hope your experience with Cursive will be a smooth one, but if it’s not, here’s how to get help.

If you think you’ve found a bug, please check our issue tracker – someone may have already reported it. If not, please do file an issue to let us know.

If you’re stuck or you have any feedback at all, please drop us a line at with the good and bad - we’d love to hear from you. Alternatively you can also write to our mailing lists for help or general Cursive discussion. Our developers are also active in the #cursive room of the public Clojurians Slack channel, and in #clojure on Freenode IRC.


There are a couple of known issues with Cursive so far.

  1. If you’re having problems with your parentheses, it’s almost certainly structural editing.

  2. Several users have reported that after installing Cursive, IntelliJ locks during startup when the splash screen is showing. We’ve investigated this and it doesn’t appear to be a problem with Cursive, rather it’s a problem in some other plugins that Cursive provokes for some reason. Two plugins that are known to cause this are the Go language plugin and the Stapler plugin. We’ve filed bugs with the owners of those projects, hopefully they’ll be fixed soon.

  3. The other common issue is that when using Datomic the symbols aren’t resolved in the editor or the REPL. This is a complication due to the fact that Datomic is distributed without source code. Here’s how to work around the issue (assuming you’re using Leiningen, if not just attach the stubs jar to your project):

    • Download
    • Install that jar to your local repository cache using mvn install:install-file -Dfile=datomic-stubs-0.9.5153.jar -DartifactId=datomic-stubs -Dversion=0.9.5153 -DgroupId=cursive -Dpackaging=jar
    • Add these stubs to your project: [cursive/datomic-stubs "0.9.5153" :scope "provided"]

    We’ll be providing a better solution for this soon.