Cursive 1.0

Cursive 1.0 is finally here! Here's everything you need to know about the release.

One important thing first, we've had to move some things around. Our website is now at, we're on Twitter at @CursiveIDE, and our Github handle is now cursive-ide. Hopefully everything should be redirected as much as possible, but let me know if you can't find anything or if you find anything where it shouldn't be. The main Cursive email address is now but the previous one will continue to work. The mailing lists will continue to use the previous domain for the moment.

Cursive 1.0 is considered a stable build, and is now in the JetBrains plugin repo (here). Going forward, we'll have a stable release channel which will have new builds every 2-3 months, and an EAP channel which will have builds more or less as they have been during the EAP program. Stable builds will be published to the JetBrains repo, and EAP builds will continue to be published to our private repo. You'll be prompted at startup which channel you'd like to use, and Cursive will set up the new URLs for the EAP channel automatically if required. Stable builds will be numbered x.y.0, and EAP builds will use x.y.z numbering.

If you pre-ordered Cursive, you should hopefully have received an email with your licences. These can be entered either in the dialog box at startup, or at any time using Help→Register Cursive.... They should be easy to use, let me know if you have any problems.

As of 1.0, support for IntelliJ 12.1 and 13.1 is officially ended. The 1.0 build is available for these versions but they will receive no further updates. Going forward Cursive will support the last two major releases of IntelliJ, which as of now are v14, v14.1, and v15.

I'll be updating all the documentation very soon, and adding an easier getting started guide which should help people totally new to Cursive and/or IntelliJ.

Thanks everyone for all the support while getting to this point. Working on Cursive has been the most fun I've had at work in ages, and I'm really pleased everyone seems to like it so much. There's lots more great things to come!